The MAPA MFW series of friction washers are used for thorough washing of highly contaminated plastic materials such as foils, PET and other rigid bottles, as well as other thermoplastic fractions in the recycling system. These machines are also used for to drain or additionally dry materials in the recycling process, especially soft materials such as foil.

For mixing and transferring materials, we use a drum rotor with paddles in the form of a auger, which allows the material to be continuously transported during thorough washing, ensuring a smooth recycling process. Depending on specifications of the treated material, appropriate amounts of water are continuously fed into the machine through nozzles evenly distributed on the machine housing cover.

During washing, used water is continuously discharged into the water treatment system.


Different machine sizes and versions are available depending on specific requirements.


Some important features:

– effective cleaning with cold or warm water

– improved separation due to approx. 30% more perforated surface area – sieves

– separation of water and impurities, such as paper, organic contamination and sand

– easy sieve replacement

– rotor with replaceable paddle washers

– easy maintenance

– easy and quick assembly and disassembly of the housing cover plates

– machine made from stainless steel 1.4301

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