The MAPA MPT series of prewash tanks are highly efficient machines with the main purpose of separating heavy particles and contaminants such as stones, sand, glass, etc. from treated material, in order to protect other machines in the recycling system and prepare materials for the recycling process (primary shredding, washing, drying, granulating)

Depending on specific requirements, different sizes and versions of the machines are available.


Some important features:

– very efficient separation of impurities from the treated material

– modular design – for different applications and capacities

– the machine is made from 1.4301 stainless steel

– discharging impurities by means of a chain conveyor, auger or through drain valves



For prewash purposes, MAPA ReTech offers other prewash options from our own production for simpler, but also specific requirements, such as prewash augers or rotary prewash separators (prewash drum) for extremely contaminated materials (agrofoil, etc.).

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