The MAPA MSC/MBB machines are slow-speed crushers and are available with 2, 4, 6 or 8 screw shafts. The machines are designed with independent screws where each screw are separately mounted in the chassis.

Slow speed screw crushers are designed for crushing brittle materials like wood, porous building blocks, insulation wool and other materials. They are extremely robustly designed machines and insensitive to contaminants such as glass, iron parts, stones.

MAPA MBB crushers are suitable for use as bale breakers / openers of PET bottle bales.

The bale breaker can process at rates of up to 6000 kg/h, depending on bulk density of the material.


Some important features are:

–  heavy-duty construction to handle the most highly compacted bales

– variable speed control

– expanded metal enclosure allows the operator to safely monitor bales

– large capacity

– design flexibility allowing the discharging of bottles from either side



The MAPA guillotine type MGC is used to pre-size reduction of specific applications such as bundles of plastic film, multifilaments, carpets, fiber bales, fishing nets and similar large plastic fragments as well as rubber bales. Our guillotines are dimensionally adapted to the length and diameter of a bundle or roll.

Depending on customer needs, different sizes and versions of machines are available including feeding and discharging systems.


Some important features are:

– a robust, strong machine body

– new pump control technology emitting less noise

– MAPA MGC guillotine designed to reduce vibration

– adjustable operations (strokes, speed and pressure)



The MAPA MSS series of single shaft shredder is powerful machines suitable for shredding material in only one step to required size.

This series of MAPA shredder is usually used in the shredding of bulky waste such as plastic film, woven bags or other soft and rigid thermoplastics. In general, the machine has a wide scope of material applicability and high efficiency.

Depending on customer needs, different sizes and versions of the machines are available as well as feeding and discharging systems.


Some important features are:

– low energy consumption

– different machine sizes to meet specific process needs

– control of the process with automated monitoring & controls package

– optimal particle sizes with an extensive selection of knives to fit specific applications

– intelligent technology to control and monitor the entire operating process

– new design with large shearing force and high shredding output

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