The MAPA type MPZ pulverizer is a high-speed, fine grinding unit for pulverizing semi-rigid, impact resistant and brittle materials such as PVC, HDPE, PP and other thermoplastics for rotational molding powder.

Depending on customer needs, different sizes and versions of the machines are available or a complete pulverizing recycling system, meaning a pulverizer with feeding and discharging units, including screening and filtering units.


Typical area of application:

– rotational molding industry

– masterbatch producers

– coating powder manufacturers

– compounding industry

– extrusion industry


Some important features are:

– short material residence time in the grinding chamber

– wearable parts are easy to replace and include simplified disc gap adjustment from outside the machine

– cost effective, high performance unit

– minimal thermal degradation of material

– uniform powder qualities for the highest demands

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