The MAPA MTB series of blowers are used for conveying material. They are especially suitable for materials such as PE film, PP, PVC, PET, foam plastics, etc.

Our MTB series of blowers are manufactured in standard or stainless steel and have special coating protection, depending of the material specification (moisture, abrasivity, etc.).

Depending on specific requirements, different sizes and variations of the blowers are available.



MAPA offers wide range of self-made cyclones designed for high efficiency. Cyclones of different size come in two parts connected with flanges. Depending on customer needs, they can be left or right oriented. Our cyclones are manufactured in stainless steel or in the standard option of a powder coating with corrosion class C3.



MAPA offers a wide range of emptying and storage stations in the form of big bags or boxes, built to the highest standards and suitable for loading and unloading using forklifts, and equipped with a weighing system and automation to change the unloading position.

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