The MAPA MST series of separation tanks are used to separate different materials based on their specific densities and weights. Standard applications including the separation of a fraction of PE foil from the PET fraction or vice versa, as well as all other materials of different densities. The design of MAPA separation tank integrates important characteristics such as correct water depth, material transport speed and transport length to effectively separate materials.

Depending on specific requirements, different sizes and versions of separation tanks are available, as well as material input and material discharge systems.


Some important features:

– variable motor speed to allow precise control of material flow

– automated water level control

– the tank is made from 1.4301 stainless steel

– tank construction and supports, as well as handling platforms are made of galvanized steel



MAPA MZZ series of air sifters (zig-zag separators) are designed to separate lighter from heavier materials using a cross-flow multiple sieving process. Zig-zag sifters are necessary in the recycling process for various reasons, such as environmental reasons, separation for better quality of the final fraction or separation in preparing the fraction for further processing in the recycling process.

Depending on specific requirements, different sizes and versions of air separation systems are available (including material input and discharge units, dosing units and control systems).


Some important features:

– easy access and clarity of the process

– modular air separation system

– multiple fraction discharge options (gravity in boxes or bags, screw or pneumatic conveyors)

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