The MAPA MMD series of mechanical dryers are an integral part of the recycling process and washing lines, used for cleaning and surface drying of materials, primarily soft materials such as PE foil, PP woven bags, but also hard materials such as PET / HDPE bottles, etc… The MAPA mechanical dryer uses centrifugal force to separate moisture, retaining PE / PET fractions within a mesh octagonal sieve (usually 2-3 mm perforation).

The almost identical machine, with the addition of water, is also used as an intensive washing machine and is highly effective in removing pieces of paper, labels, slurries from the treated plastic fraction.

Depending on the specific requirements, different sizes and versions of machines are available.


Some important features are:

– highly effective in drying and cleaning

– reinforced, mild steel and high-speed rotor with exchangeable paddles

– stainless steel screen hole with a size of 2-3 mm in the polygon version for a better washing/drying effect

– easy replacement of screens (segmental design)

– housing built from a mild steel, welded construction

– oversized, outside mounted bearings

– easy maintenance




The MAPA MTD series of thermal dryer has been developed for drying mixed synthetics and similar DSD material (suitable for film/foil, fibers or fabrics), to reduce extreme high moisture content of the feedstock to < 5% for pelletizing.

Dryer operation

The air enters through the central air suction intake which is heated in the combustion chamber by the blower burner and mixed with the material to be dried in the mixing cyclone. The saturated air will be separated over the drying distance and in the following cyclone. The dried material will be discharged through the rotary valve for further treatment or intermediate storage.

The dryer consists of the following plant components:

– central air suction ventilator with cyclone and cellular sluice

– dryer housing with approx. 30 m (100 feet) of drying distance.

– mixing cyclone

– drying chamber with industrial blowing burner

– electric control system

Depending on specific requirements, different sizes and versions of the machines are available.


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