This group includes all other thermoplastic materials for which MAPA ReTech provides a suitable recovery solution, but which are not quantitatively represented as is the case with the previously mentioned materials. Whether it is involves shredding or washing, MAPA ReTech provides an efficient, proprietary recycling solution in line with your application specifications.

Some examples:

– Thermoplastic waste from the automotive industry, bumpers, automotive interior made of plastic, tanks and other thermoplastics used in the automotive industry, and mainly materials such as PP, ABS, PS, etc.

– Massive lumps of various thermoplastic materials formed during extrusion and similar technological processes

– Insulation materials that include Styrofoam, and also mineral wool for which MAPA ReTech provides several options for shredding and preparation of materials requiring further processing

– Waste from car batteries – accumulators for which MAPA ReTech provides a complete recycling system on a turnkey basis

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