Post-consumption PE foil is in most cases highly contaminated, soiled packaging used in households, but also for commercial purposes. This material requires quality sorting before the complete recycling process, shredding, washing and granulation. It is a very complex process that would not be possible without extremely high quality machines and equipment, as well as a quality recycling concept.


Post-commercial film with a high proportion of stretch material (stretch) generally means film used for commercial purposes, whether it is packaging waste or bulk film used in various companies or supermarkets. In nature, these are extremely thin, stretchable films contaminated not only with label residues, but also with organic residues and paper. In many cases, the foil also contains other impurities (remains of earth, sand, stone, glass, grease, etc.), depending on the method of disposal and sorting.


Agro foil includes a wide range of foils used in the agricultural sector, such as bale wrapping foils, silage foils, mulching foils and greenhouse foils. In most cases, this type of waste foil is extremely contaminated, and should undergo a thorough and intensive process, such as shredding, pre-washing, primary washing and drying.

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