They mostly come sorted and pressed into bales. The quality of the sorting process and the contamination of materials, as is the case with the previously-mentioned materials, depends on the country and region from where it comes, or the development of both the ecology and applied technology for waste treatment, as well as the environmental awareness of the population. In these situations, MAPA ReTech CompactTech recycling systems have provided excellent results including quality of the obtained material, and profitability of the entire recycling process.


The vast majority are bulky monofractions and the most important phase in the entire recycling process is quality preparation and shredding of input material. Given that it is a rigid thermoplastic material, the washing process is relatively simple. Depending on the canister content, the material is often contaminated with oil, grease or chemicals, requiring quality treatment using process water. MAPA ReTech together with its partner company has developed a compact and highly efficient water purification system. This technology has become standard across all our recycling lines.

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